SEPTEMBER 05, 2014

The latest article from Katie McDonough, Salon’s Political writer, concerning the Demographics of candidates, cites stats from Seth Motel of Pew Research, and the result is a titillating title.

Only 2 percent of the population has ever run for political office, and it’s mostly white men.

First, let’s make sure it is noted that the long-term incumbent in the 30th Congressional District fits this “white men” demographic, while I, Mark Reed am a descendant of the Mohawk and Apache tribes. I am an elected candidate challenging the 9 term incumbent.

Secondly, it is not unusual or unrealistic that only 2% of the population has run for office. Although the more disconcerting figure would be what percentage of the population receives a non-working income from the government and details why this number is increasing.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you go to the actual Pew Research article, an ENTIRELY different perspective comes out of the research, because of TWO very critical details which reveal this is a SURVEY, not statistical and historical information!

“One caveat is that our question asks about a lifetime history of running for office,and does not provide a snapshot of
who is currently running for office.”

“The survey question was asked of 3,341 adults, Jan. 23-Feb. 9, 2014, with a margin of error of 2.0 percentage points. A total of 112 people, or 2% of the
weighted sample, said they have ever run for office.”

The 30th Congressional District is in the San Fernando Valley, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the United States.

However, the current elected representative has chosen to perpetually market his re-election with vain and empty promises year after year.

Using sleight of hand techniques he has co-signed bills with no follow-up efforts to insure passage. Instead, he uses this symbolic signature to present a semblance of hope for resolution of constituents’ concerns for their homeland.

Assyrians, Armenians, Egyptians, Hispanics, and Indians, live in the district, are eligible to vote, pay taxes, and contribute to the economy and strength of America, yet they have waited year after year (9 terms) for their Representative to follow through his legislative gymnastics.

It is time for Change we can Trust. I am the candidate with the core belief to put Country before Party, People before Politics.

It is time to replace the representation in the 30th Congressional District with a life -long resident, business owner, and American, who will: Respect Veterans. Restore our Respect for Immigrants. Restore our dignity. Restore Jobs.

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