Fact Sheet

Birth date: 08/11/1957
Wedding: 08/19/1978
Wife: Nina
Children: 3
Grandchildren: 7

"Our Lady of Holy Rosary" Catholic School from 1st to 8th grade.
Sun Valley Jr. High public school for 9th grade.
Francis Polytechnic High School for 10th grade
Finished High school at El Camino Real in 1975
Pierce Jr. College for Architectural Drafting. 1976-1978

Horseback riding; community service; freshwater fishing; deep sea fishing; hiking; helicopter flying; environmental/open space preservation; wild scenic river preservation.

Family military service:

  • Father - Ernest Dale Reed Lieutenant Commander, Navy P-3 Pilot. WW II Combat Veteran. P2V Executive officer/patrol commander Los Alamitos
  • Grandfather - Andy Dale Reed; WW I combat veteran. Sergeant Major, Army.
  • Uncles on Father’s side - Carl Reed; Lieutenant Navy, combat vet Korea, navigator rocket launcher ship. Brother William Reed; Navy combat vet, Okinawa.
  • Mother - Marie-Ann Koenekamp Reed, Riveter WW II suffered bullet wound to head in military parade; Uncle on Mother’s side: Fred Koenekamp; WW II combat vet, coast guard south pacific;
  • Grandfather on Mother’s side - Hans Koenekamp; WW 1 combat vet, Army Sergeant Major. Uncle Jerry McKay; WWII combat vet, Ret Colonel Air force, logged most hours in B-52 in Air force than any other pilot.
  • Mark Reed’s brothers - Michael Dale Reed; Lieutenant Navy pilot P3 combat vet Vietnam;
  • Timothy Allen Reed - Navy combat vet. Vietnam
  • William Frederic Reed - Navy combat vet Vietnam
  • Patrick James Reed - Navy reserves

Two cousins killed in Pearl Harbor one buried in the Battle Ship Arizona. My brother William is now buried in West LA veteran’s cemetery.

There are many more aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews that have served or are serving now.


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  • U.S. Unemployment Rate: 5.0%
  • CA Unemployment Rate: 6.3%
  • Federal Deficit: $503 Billion
  • National Debt: $19.5 Trillion

    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • National Debt Clock

    A million seconds pass in 12 days.
    A billion seconds pass in 31 years.
    A trillion seconds pass in 31,688 years!


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