Hello, I'm Mark Reed

I am running as a Republican for Congress in the General Election on November 4th, 2014 in California's 30th District.

In 2008 the American people voted for change. After six years in office, the Obama Administration is mired in multiple scandals including the VA, the IRS and Ben Ghazi. Barack Obama has increased the debt to over 17 trillion dollars, increased welfare spending by 60% and 43 million people are now collecting food stamps. Over nine million jobs have vanished, millions have given up looking for work and the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high. Economic growth is stuck in the 2%-3% range. In the first quarter of 2014 the GDP plummeted 2.5%.

World respect for the United States is at an all-time low. Our Mid-East policy is in complete disarray and for the first time since 1947 Israel's existence is truly in danger. Radical Islam, Russia, Iran and China are on the march. Iraq has disintegrated since Obama withdrew our troops, and there is the danger of an Islamic Caliphate forming in the heart of the Middle East, stretching from Syria to Afghanistan. The recent ObamaCare rollout has been an ongoing disaster with millions losing their healthcare insurance.

In November of 2010 the American people spoke loud and clear and voted Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats out of control in the House of Representatives. In November of 2014 we have a chance to increase our gains in the House and throw the Democrats out of power in the Senate.

Please join my campaign by making a donation or volunteering some of your talents and time. Please send me an email or join me at one of my events. Together we can restore America for our grandchildren and preserve the freedoms promised to us by our Founding Fathers. I am humbly asking for your support and vote.

God bless you and God Bless America. Read More


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Michael Reagan Endorses Mark Reed for 2014

"My endorsement of Mark Reed in 2012, remains true in 2014: Mark Reed understands Pennsylvania Avenue is a two-way street, representative of a very diverse and united America.

Mark Reed has remained consistent in his words and actions as he focuses on the goal to win the consensus of voters. The 30th District needs a new and relevant in D.C.

I believe Mark Reed will represent both the 30th District and our beloved Country with this very necessary strength, honor, and integrity. My endorsement, rarely given during a primary, is reflective of a consistent support, along with my vote and encouragement for you to do the same regardless of your personal party preference. Together we can restore our District and America!

God Bless America!"


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VIDEO: Ronald Reagan on Individual Freedom vs. Centralized Power in Washington D.C. Watch


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Mark Reed to attend Ribbon Cutting for Planet Home Living

Planet Home Living
10867 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Chatsworth 91311

Sat Jul 19, 2014
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

A Chatsworth/Porter Ranch Chamber Event  
Jul 12, 2014

Mark Reed to attend 2014 Great Race Gala & Installation

2014 Great Race Gala & Installation
Galpin Aston Martin Showroom
15500 Roscoe Blvd., North Hills
Sat. July 19, 2014

6:30 PM – 9:00 pm

Cocktail reception, awards program, dinner, music & dancing, entertainment, and remote control interactive car racing.

Cost: TBD  
Jul 19, 2014

  • U.S. Unemployment Rate: 6.4%
  • CA Unemployment Rate: 8.5%
  • Federal Deficit: $744 Billion
  • National Debt: $17.5 Trillion

    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • National Debt Clock

    A million seconds pass in 12 days.
    A billion seconds pass in 31 years.
    A trillion seconds pass in 31,688 years!


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    Mark Reed for Congress
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