Obamacare is Government Against the People

On March 21, 2010 Congress passed healthcare reform that the people overwhelmingly opposed. Our representatives have forgotten that they are in office to serve the will of the people. When polled on Brad Sherman's own website, Constituents of the 30th Congressional District were against Obamacare by a margin of 72%. Brad Sherman voted for the bill.

Regardless of what Democrats would have you believe, they are in the midst of the greatest power shift since the Colonists declared their independence from Great Britain. Having now taken control of nearly one-third of the American economy in the form of banks, automotive companies and healthcare, the government is socializing the nation. A task that is nearly complete.

Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism. --Vladimir Lenin

We need to reclaim the economy, extricate the government from free enterprise and enact healthcare reform that will have a positive effect on both the people and the economy. This all starts when we replace the incumbents who serve themselves, rather than the people who elected them. As your Representative, I will honor the will of the people in the 30th District.

I vow to repeal and replace Obamacare.

We do need positive health care reform. Rather than allowing the government to take control, we need to address the problem with these ten steps:
  1. Two businesses in the U.S. still enjoy an Anti-Trust Exemption: Major League Baseball and the health insurers. We need to repeal the insurance exemption and allow people to buy or take existing policies across state lines. We should be afforded the same options as Federal employees. This will create true market competition.
  2. The trial lawyers are in the back pocket pf the Democratic Party. We need tort reform to eliminate frivolous malpractice lawsuits and decrease the cost of malpractice insurance. The government needs to formulate comprehensive regulations with which insurance companies and health care providers must comply. This will help decrease the cost of healthcare.
  3. Through incentives, more doctors need to be encouraged to open “Family Practices”.
  4. Hospitals need to have “Urgent Care Facilities” next to the “Emergency Room Facilities,” where the intake nurse would assess the patient and determine which service the patient needs. This would cut cost and over use of emergency rooms, lowering cost to insurance companies.
  5. The creation of state to state insurance exchanges where insurance companies would compete for blocks of clients and issue affordable insurance policies for people who do not get insurance through an employer. Insurance companies nationwide would compete for these blocks of uninsured people.
  6. Congress must mandate that insurance companies make available affordable private insurance policies. No person can be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions or be dropped for an illness.
  7. Abolish the third-party payer system. Our healthcare policy spells out what is covered and how much is allowed to be paid by the policy. The patient shops for the doctor or service needed online. The patient makes the decision to work within the allotted schedule or adds to it for better services. This will promote competition and drive prices down. In addition it will empower the patient and create a better doctor patient relationship.
  8. Medicare/Medicaid fraud, abuse and overcharging needs to be addressed not only by the government, but by healthcare providers. True competition and a free-market solution will help solve this. A government option perpetuates the problem.
  9. Drug companies need to be held accountable through patent reform and opening the free marketplace for competition. The need to recover research and development for new medicines is understandable. However, there is a clear abuse by the drug companies and their pricing index.
  10. Seventy to eighty percent of all health problems today are caused by lifestyle choices. Any government program should be educating people on preventative healthcare through healthy lifestyle choices. This empowers people because it puts them in charge of their health.
On June 3 2014, let’s take the first step to bring representation back to the 30th District. Together we can make a difference in Washington.

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