A presentation should be prepared that would offer the rationale for the construction of barriers on our southern border for the purpose of protecting our nation’s sovereignty by preventing or mitigating illegal border crossings.

That presentation should include:

  • Videos of major Republicans and Democrats showing that they have advocated for this concept as being a critical element for the protection of this nation’s sovereignty.
  • Testimonies from experts offering empirical evidence for the necessity, viability, and functionality of this concept.
  • The fact that our Legislative and Executive Branches have as their greatest responsibility the protection of the sovereignty of this nation.
  • The obvious conclusion appears to be that any Senator or Representative who denies the necessity of the construction of barriers on our southern border appears to be in violation of his or her Oath of Office.


Nancy Pelosi: ‘Securing Our Border is Part of ‘Our Oath We Take To Protect and Defend Our People’

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